Physical prints and HDR

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written by owen on 2020-Nov-16.

When I fill up my 32gb camera SD card I have started to print out a few selected pictures. Having them in a physical form provides another way to look at them and use them. Of course I cant print every picture I take so I print them in 4x6 ($80 JMD per picture) because anything larger is expensive. I take a lot of pictures, not all of them in focus but even with the few that make the cut printing them all is impossible.

Since printing I have noticed that people like HDR pictures even though in my view HDR is an "aggressive" and an "surreal" filter. But since I have learnt this now I will try to remember to take a few HDR pictures when I go out. I should not be surprised with the rise of instagram that people like colourized photos. So far I only found it most effective on clouds. Here are a few exmaples;

related image
related image
related image

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