1. Is this a statement or a question? I don't understand what you are trying to say or ask here. Please elaborate.

    by Tami 2020-Feb-27 

  2. what fun is it if I explain what it means? just answer the question

    by owen 2020-Feb-27 

  3. So it's a question and not a statement. okay, got it!
    My answer: So what if I am?

    by Tami 2020-Mar-02 

  4. If you are then why? Isnt the world full of enough tragedies for which you could fill a lifetime? Why do we need to make up more? why do we seek it out? Its a interesting way to look at happiness vs sadness.

    by owen 2020-Mar-12 

  5. I am creating

    by ComputerHuman 2022-Mar-10