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written by owen on 2018-Mar-20.

When you live in the tropics and you have to park your car outside you can be certain that the sun is going reek havoc on all the little plastic parts especially on the outside of the car. So this weekend's DIY project is to respray some clear coat on my fading spoiler. Its not going to be as good as factory but I had already tested a small section (as instructed on the can) to see how it would look and it looks good enough. The main purpose is to stop the lacker/varnish/clear from receding all the way to the edge where it would be much harder to manage.

Removing the plastics at the back of the car is not a option that I would want to take on and if you know anything about cars and "clips" there is most certainly always one stubborn clip. I am not in the mode to damage any of them. So spraying it while it is still on the car is the best bet.

Some might say to take it to a professional but my prior experience with body work taught me enough to know that it is a incredible was of time and money. Plus this DIY is easy enough, its not as if I am respraying the whole car.

p.s extra points if you can guess which in country the car was made.

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