1. Eggplant and Callaloo Lasagna with Garlic Bread and Toss salad...

    by Jammy 2010-Nov-27 

  2. I didn't know you could put callaloo into a lasagna. Are you sure this tastes good?
    Isn't it a little bitter?
    I'd rather spinach if I can find it.

    by Gods Child 2010-Nov-30 

  3. I think its just sprinkle on the top for colour more than anything else

    by owen 2010-Dec-03 

  4. Ill stick to the beef lasagna. But i'd try this.

    by Tami 2010-Dec-02 

  5. owen it is parsley that is sprinkled on top. I was a little bit skeptical at first but I liked it when I tried it...Then again I am vegan...

    by Jammy 2010-Dec-09