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written by owen on 2004-Mar-11.

On sunday after the trip, I another item to the projects menu on the right. It's alittle html chatroom. Similar to the one on wheelsjamaica except this one doesn't use a database. if you go there now there might not be anybody there to chat with, so you'll have to bring you own party. Test it out and tell me what you think. Freshes every 5 secs.

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  1. chat room is cool. works good and all as far as i can see :)

    now all we need to do is get some people in there... like, simultaneously

    by shade 2004-Mar-14 

    • not alota features just a simple chatroom.
    • There is a discussion thread at techjamaica forum.
    • 3/13/2004 I'm going to add smilies.
    • 3/29/2004 now your links are auto linked. The User/Password feature will soon be added for those people who have the need for it
    • 4/2/2004 the color list is added. select color then send message. Also planning to add other stuff such as image and fontsize

    by owen 2004-May-11 

  2. Works nicely - planning on releasing source sometime so the community can help make it better?

    Text formatting fails after a url

    by Ben 2005-Mar-10 

  3. this is a very good site

    by mattie 2005-Mar-26 

  4. I would like to see the ability to open private windows.

    If you add that the heck yes it is nice ;)

    by heinz 2005-Aug-04 

  5. @ heinz I'll look into it and update it the next couple a days

    by owen 2005-Aug-04 

  6. i think i asked once, if you were using a flat file to store the posts, because you said you were not using a DB. I dont see how its possible without storing the comments somewhere. I would really really appreciated some heads up on how store the comments so that everyone can see them.

    by alex13 2005-Aug-08 

  7. [q]I would like to see the ability to open private windows.[/q]
    @heinz Done

    @alex hahaha

    by owen 2005-Nov-22 

  8. its rocking ajax of course its cool.

    by death_knight 2005-Nov-29 

  9. this client is very good

    by danny 2005-Dec-06 

  10. this chatroom i met a girlfriend called jordon h

    by kyle 2005-Dec-14 

  11. it is cool

    by porter 2005-Dec-14 

  12. check me out at

    by chachacallis 2006-Feb-18 

  13. I think this chatroom is wicked!!

    by sweetbabe 2006-May-14