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REM - Everybody Hurts

written by owen, 2010-Jan-20

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Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar

written by owen, 2009-Aug-14

Soo Old school. Look out for the part in the bus when she goes woawooaoahawowoooo

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Lew commented: Classic 80's video; dance routine at the end is beautiful. ... read 1 more

Lewis Hamilton and the RC Office Grand Prix

written by owen, 2009-Jul-31

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The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

written by owen, 2009-Jul-25

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Warlord - A 10 year old boy declares war on the world.

written by owen, 2009-Jun-11

Warning: this video may not be appropriate for all audiences. Contains the Kurr, stone throwing, putrid things, gravy, oil pies and witchs.

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Breakspeare commented: about time! stop feeding crap and drugs to children ... read more

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