the window behind me

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written by Gods Child on 2007-Sep-11.

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While some workmen were mowing the lawn I shut the window to keep the noise out. I did it kind of hard so when I was walking away and I heard a "crack" I thought it was because I had been rough with the window. I figured they would make me pay for it. It turned out that a rock had gotten caught in the lawnmower and got shot back out at my window.

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  1. do you always hear a crack when you are rough?

    by owen 2007-Sep-12 

  2. not if I'm quick

    by Gods Child 2007-Sep-17 

  3. A woman with strong hands ...mmmmmmmmmmm [mocking]

    by bobby 2007-Sep-12 

  4. weak heart

    by Gods Child 2007-Sep-17