1. nope.
    maybe I have a hard heart.

    by Gods Child 2007-Apr-17 

  2. hmm.. i've given up on one.. it kinda sucks to see her now. There's currently one that i'm trying to figure out if I should keep fighting for.. i'm trapped in the friend zone.. i'm kinda comfortable there too.. its just that from what i've seen friends are friends untill they get a really hectic life then its only the work.. the boyfriend and the girl that i'm inlove with. :(

    by taylor 2007-Apr-18 

  3. cant say ive really evr 'loved' anyone so nah.

    by me 2007-Apr-18 

  4. When I analyse it, there is only one girl I have ever "given up on"... it was all about the ego too, but we weren't suited anyway, so phuckit! All the rest of them gave up on me, or forced me to choose. Am I sorry? I think of them sometimes, but cho... life is just for living, you know... its just a lesson. Something more... something better is out there. Why cry over this life and its mistakes. Its just a stepping stone.

    by mad bull 2007-Apr-18 

  5. No. No regrets.. everything happens for a reason. FORWARD EVER .. BACKWARD NEVER!

    by Island Spice 2007-Apr-18 

  6. Yes I have and it takes a while to get over it. Which is why now I only date non-friends who live far away from me. Its harder to maintain but so much easier to let go. I'm a scared creature.

    by owen 2007-Apr-19 

  7. I live far away Owen.

    by Island Spice 2007-Apr-19 

  8. and that owen is definatly what i need to do.. things go down hill when you get intimate with the chick that you always par with.. foolish move on my part

    by taylor 2007-Apr-19 

  9. It's sad but i've never actually "given up" per say on someone. I just allow things to mature and then when both feel its time then it's easier. But now im a mess cuz someone gave up on me, only because as he claims, he doesnt want it to reach to a place where we hate each other. I dont hate people. Period. He has no point. [indifferent]

    by Tami 2007-Apr-19 

  10. yup thats tru that person is just tryin to find an excuse
    so fuk it move on theres gonna be ups and downs in life but thats how it is what dosent kill u makes u stronger

    by crystal martinez 13 2008-Jan-10 

  11. he.. does.. too have a point.. I definitely understand where the kid's coming from.. things can get so odd between people that like each other that its bound to comedown to a brawl one day

    by taylor 2007-Apr-19 

  12. sure have.....
    and still think about him so many years later

    by Campfyah 2007-Apr-19 

  13. Never. All my dumps are final.

    by Leon 2007-Apr-21 

  14. Nope. Because in every romantic situation I've been in, I've given it my all. However, at the risk of sounding conceited, I bet there are a couple guys who wished they still have me around.

    *pops collar*

    by Simplenigma 2007-Apr-23 

  15. Hell yeah, when the BJ's didn't live up to scratch I ditched her.

    by Jim Screechy 2007-Apr-25 

  16. Yes, only once

    by DLBG 2007-May-02 

  17. yea i gave up on this guy and i regret it so bad b cuz now i feel responsible for his death
    he was the hottest guy in skewl
    he had everything i wanted except for the fact that he was consided lol
    i hated that he was the varsity quarterback so he had the attention of most of the girls and he thought he was all kewl and ofcourse i did too but it was just too much he told me that he really did like me but to think of it i always thought he could get sumone better
    i guess it wasnt like that 3 weeks after that happend he killed himself and left a letter just for me saying that without me he would die so there was no point for him to live if he didnt have me
    so yea i pretty much regret it

    by crystal martinez 13 2008-Jan-10