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written by owen on 2003-Dec-01.

Hopefully I'll get some rest this time around. The tv commercials, music and newspaper ads have all gone red. I'm not planning on buying anything this month either - unless of course I'm suckered into it. This month makes little difference being that I'm not a regular gift giver.
I'm not buying myself anything either, I would have premeditatedly bought it already or have had no money to buy it now (or ever). I'm not going to watch any commercial media either . They seem to be mass brainwashing everybody into buying cellular telephones. Everybody has a cell phone nowadays. It's a status symbol, a right of passage. Five year old children have cellphones more expensive than mine.
I have a cell phone. It's old, a bit heavy, doesn't vibrate or make coffee but it works. I don't need a new one - stop calling me! The T160 looks cool but I'm not to buy it! No matter how much free talk time I'm going to get. The fact that I can't wear my cellphone around my neck or take fussy little pictures with it. Doesn't make it any less effective. Why does anybody need polyphonic ringtones anyway? Is there not a limit on how long a ring tone can be?
When your cellphone rings - ANSWER IT! Stop disturbing my space with your noise-maker. Your don't have to make your phone ring 3 times! Go, go go go shorty it's your birthday.
Then you have the other set of women collecting cellphones numbers! I saw this chick in the club and she had seven "kevin"s in her address book. I mean seven(7)! I think they are all in a competion to see how fast a person can full out the 250 number limit. I mean why ask for a guy's cellphone number if your not secretly selling it to strange poeple? And that's another thing - I'm not going to call you. Don't add my number to your phone, I don't want your boyfriend calling me late night asking me stupid questions. They should add a section beside each phone number with "Number of times called".

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  1. i don't have a cellphone! i think i may be the last one of my species alive

    by shade 2003-Dec-01 

  2. just so happens I have an extra cellphone...they all float down here, shade....they alllll float down here...mwahahahahaa

    </stephen king's <u>it</u>>

    by mike 2003-Dec-02 

  3. one day karma will come back and slap me in my face for that attempt at markup.

    by mike 2003-Dec-02 

  4. you can actually do quite a few markup formating things but I have not added a list yet.
    for varing reasons;

    • I'm lazy
    • really lazy
    • I don't have an organiser
    unfortunately you can't type your markup like that.

    by owen 2003-Dec-02 

  5. mike - karma ought to slap your face and then make you eat your cellphone for that markup attempt, heh

    by shade 2003-Dec-02