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written by owen on 2003-Nov-13.

this morning as I left home. Late as usual, I saw a horse standing by the road. His right hind leg was broken. It must have happen only a few minutes earlier since blood was still spuing from the leg which was resting on the ground slightly.
It was just standing there, motionless. I had but a few seconds to look at it before the bus when pass it as usual. Nobody seemed to notice it. It must have been abandoned by it's human. Usually they walk the horses along the side of a road close to the racetrack. A horrible accident must have be fell the horse. I suspect that it will be dead by now and it's corpse wil still be lieing there by the side of the street when I get home tonight.
You might even wonder why I'm writing this tail that has beset me this morning. It's not like I've never seen it happen before and niether am I a heartless DRUNK MONKEY.
Probably I'll be able to thing up something useful to write tomorrow.

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