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written by owen on 2003-Nov-02.

so I'm sitting in the bar/cafeteria right - with this girl.

now she's talking to about something and I sit there nodding my head as if I give a shit what she's talking about. But with nothing better do I start looking around in this room right - I don't know it was dark or I was dark, - well something was dark I couldn't see very well - it was probably very late this guy kept showing me his watch, with a look on his face as if he really needed to go to the bathroom or something.

Behind him were two girls, sitting with legs crossed, casual clothing, close fitting - drinks half finished.

I was about to move toward them when someone touched my hand, I stopped, focused and looked beside me - apparently there was this woman sitting beside me - talking to me about something I nodded my head in agreement - (what ever she said).

She seemed familiar to me maybe she was my girlfriend or something - I couldn't think - it was all a milky, dark haze.

I remember saying something and then found my self on the pavement out side the room / inside the room (it all seemed the same). At this point I stood - it didn't help I seemed closer to the ground than I had been before.

I lied there for a while, until I could see the road before me. I stood up and saw this girl coming out of the room. She seemed cool (or was appeared cool at that point) so I began mumbling some words to her - she had a foreign accent - you know the kind that you only see on cable.

Why did this have to happen to me now? Maybe I can lead her along until I have fully recovered my senses. This was not to happen for she soon got fed up with my intercourse and bountiful know of porn videos - which I never shared with anyone but was powerless to conceal. She slapped me in the face several times (or at less I think she did) and started to walk away I tried to walk behind her be she seemed to be very agile so I couldn't keep up with her. I tried to call out to her but she had flew away. I fell to the ground again it seemed as if my feet were bound.

I crawled toward the room maybe there I find out why I am here, in plaid shorts, smelly shirt, my pants at my ankles. I didn't get very far when the guy with the broken watch stopped me. I found myself on the pavement again - I looked over and saw this guy beside me - he seemed to be in the same predicament, he didn't know where he was either.

I couldn't stay here any longer, couldn't allow myself to be seen with such people (I had a reputation to uphold) anyway there was bound to be something important I was supposed to be doing - (if only I could remember it).

Maybe if closed my eyes I could - no a song kept playing over and over, pop music I think blocking my thoughts. I looked at my watch - probably left it at home. I didn't like it anyway.

I guess this weekend could have been worst.

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