Matrix Revolutions Review

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written by owen on 2003-Nov-08.

I finally got the time to watch the movie on friday night. After hearing mixed reviews from people who had watched it before I came to my own conclusion. The movie was as bad as people made it out to be. In fact it did what it was supposed to do - end the matrix series thing.
Though the ending wasn't really anything to be impressed be amd lacking, the movie it self was worth watching. It had it's high points (such as the fight screen between neo and a smith which was totally immense) and lows auch as most of the dialogue.
Basically it was a movie by it's self, no 14 minute highway chase scene or rave party - it not a reload of reloaded. I'd safely say that it's even better than Reloaded. It might not have had as many fight scenes as reloaded but at least everybody had a purpose for what they were doing and nothing was too over done like in the previous installment of the series.
I kinda think of matrix reload/revolutions as one big 6 hour movie, with a very long intermission, rad special effects and a bad ending. I give it 4 stars. Could have been better but lets not get greedy.
I thought that whole burnt in the eye thing was really messed up still.


  • The matrix movies are not a "Trilogy" it just happen to turn to be 3 movies.
  • If you look at matrix revolutions by itself it'd probably get very low marks. Basically MRevo is Reloaded Part 2
  • If you didn't understand anything the first two movies chances are you won't understand anything in this one
  • While some people might think that Neo is using 802.11b (implanted into his brain) to destroy the machine in the real world - here's another more concise explanation

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  1. The chick had to die sooner or later.

    by owen 2003-Nov-09 

  2. yeah bad ending. yeah better than two. yeah eye thing was messed up

    by shade 2003-Nov-15 

  3. Omg! Such a bad ending. They didn't solve anything in the end. They are still doomed.

    by ....... 2003-Dec-19 

  4. the last fight between neo and smith could have beeb more climaxtic,definatly more classic and longer woo ping cheorgraphy. maybe smith could have been greatly weaker than neo beginning of fight, then all smith clones absorb into him, plus some dialogue to close up some questions left in the movie, and of course more geographical damage during the fight, and plus since neo is the one maybe he could mumble code to create some weapons (feudal japan) in midair. plus smith ending of him exploding in light, him actually deing destroyed, actually im making a comic of the ending i created to fix the ending. just dont know if i should finish it. please send some feedback my way, oh its all in manga (japanese style comic) please give me feedback 2 see if i should fix it.

    by justin 2004-Jul-16 

  5. of course you should finish it. Your ending sounds might be the one that people actually like. there is no such thing as a bad ending anyway - it just ends. the writer chooses how he wants it to end and thats how it ended. unless we can travel back in time and change it.

    by owen 2004-Jul-16 

  6. I believe there could be no other ending. In Matrix-Reloaded Counselor said that humans need machines and machines need humans. The war could not end by killing all zionits because the One did not return to the Source, love being the reason. If the humans were victorious it would have been very boring hollywood style enidng, on the other hand had the machines won there would be no meaning. If the Zionits were victorious how would "free" mankind survive outside the Matrix in the destroyed "real world"? Neo stopped his negative self from destroying the machine-world and the machines agreed to make peace with humans. Neo is an anomaly, Smith is a similar anomaly made to ballence the equation. If the Matrix can be equated as x+y+z=-x-y-z, Neo comes along and the equation changes to x+y+z+N=-x-y-z, so it needs to balance as x+y+z+N=-x-y-z-N. At least that is the way I undestand it. Neo does not win, he is assimilated, destroyed, ceases to exist and so in order for the equation to be ballanced -N is also deleted-destroyed. All these happen because Neo chooses to save Trinity, chooses to be assimilated, chooses to die and save Zion. Neo is a cyber-messia. In the Matrix it is all about freedom of choise. "You v' made your choice, you are here to understand why you made it" says the Oracle in Matrix2. Zion has been destroyed 6 times in the past but is saved now due to the choises Neo makes. He changes his destiny, Zion's destiny and dies to save them all, humans and machines. I think the Matrix makes sense and I agree with the comment that the Matrix is one movie and not a trilogy and should not be viwed that way. There is no Matrix1,2,3, there is only one Matrix seen in 3 parts. If you see it that way you may understand the point I try to make.

    by glaskovi entity 2005-Feb-17