The less you know the better

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written by owen on 2020-Feb-27.

At this point in my life being neither famous nor rich I can still enjoy the ability to sit in an open plaza or pricemart and not be recognised. It is a wondrous feeling to just exist. A feeling that is hard to explain. As I sit and watch other people go about their lives I ponder what kind of curtains they have in their home. Or the appointment they might have later in the afternoon. I need to remember to buy an icebox.

Being in the moment is not a simple act of letting things go. It takes years of preparation and calculation. It is impossible to simply exist in a dynamic environment. Existence requires occupying some amount of space and time. Which causes conflict between fickle humans. No 2 things cannot occupy the same space at the same time so there is a constant need to shift things around. All this movement requires energy. Anno everybody ago like you.

Eventually I have to get back in to the flow of time. Nothing escapes the flow of time. All I can do is put energy towards planning my next move and calculating the moves of everyone else including the planets and the sun. There is alotta stuff out there. Alotta stuff to avoid.

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  1. Good reflection. That's right.

    You might try some Zen.

    by Zen 2020-Apr-06