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written by owen on 2014-Jan-03.

I am on a mission of self discovery. Nobody understands satire or social commentary nowadays. People so shallow, on the surface like a dragonfly. Existing only on a plane in which they can do the least thinking and still talk as much as everyone else in the room. I think I need to quit facebook. It is becoming like a pit filled with emptiness rolling down a hill and bouncing on rocks while making lots of noise.

I figure that everyone needs someone to love. What ever you do in life, whatever you want is all a measure of what you are willing to give up. All things come to those who wait, but you waste a lot of time waiting for it to come along. Enjoy the journey. Way too cold.

I have noticed that people in general have become more abstract over time. Not in the cool abstract art kinda way like a paper bag floating in the air or like a monkey. But like a brick in a wall painted over in white - you can see the texture of what lies beneath but they just keep adding layers and layers of white paint until there is nothing left but a smooth surface, glossy and shine. Click.

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