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written by owen on 2013-Jan-12.

If the fries are too hot there is no reason to keep eating them - simply leave them alone. Why would you boil tea only to cool it again? Its a survival tactic. The pain surges deep into my soul. Blood clot. Atoms cling together torn apart. Nuclear. Around and around spiral of life and death.

There are things that I most likely will never be able to explain to you. False flags. Conspiracies. Mass media. The pretty girl in high school that you never spoke to. Dreams. Cranberries. We live in a glass house filled with big batty women is a trouble to a man. 149.

Aww yes. It makes sense now. The math teacher back in high school was only giving me trouble because she did not want me to run off to a deserted beach to live like a cast away. Nothing but the sun, sand and coconuts. Build a tree house, traps and a tower for my solar powered dvd player.

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