1. some people cannot digest cheese, so they are out of luck, but also a little wealtier

    by Gods Child 2012-Jul-25 

  2. yup, totally out of luck

    by owen 2012-Jul-26 

  3. hahah yes! Price tun up.... who's got the best patty though? Juci fell into my bad books

    by Ayo 2012-Jul-27 

  4. I don't even know the difference any more. I think I am "over-pattied". Its between tastee and jucci thought. Mothers is inconsistent.

    by owen 2012-Jul-28 

  5. lol 'over-pattied' So stealing that one!
    *Sigh* Well more points for tastees then!

    by Ayo 2012-Jul-28 

  6. I've been buying patty with cheese ever since they invented it. I don't think I remember how patty tastes without it.

    by owen 2012-Jul-30 

  7. Well these days I do .... you don't find the cheese till you get to the bottom and even then you spend 5 minutes wondering if you really just ate a cheese patty :O

    by Ayo 2012-Aug-25 

  8. I think they intentionally put the cheese at the bottom taunt you or maybe it just melts and runs all the way down

    by owen 2012-Aug-28