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written by owen on 2011-Jun-23.

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I drew up a little info graphic for a puzzle game I made last month. You have no idea the amount of time I spend on projects that exist for the sole purpose of satisfying my need to solve a list of constantly evolving problems. I get a mental orgasm every time I get 10 lines of program code to come together in synchronous harmony at 60 frames per second. One thing is solved and then I add something else, something bigger and that thing needs be solved as well. I should start a game programming blog or something.

Few people can relate to a world in which they are both the slave and master at the same time. A world where all your limits are clearly outlined and yet at the same time filled with potential problems to solve. It takes time - lots of time. Sometimes it takes so long that I have to organise a committee meeting in my brain in order to come to a reasonable resolution between the parties involved.

You are the potter of the clay. It does not apply to everything though, because some problems are just no solvable in a short period of time. And other people cannot see the value in diligently and patience checking every single possible solution to a problem which could easily be solved by just not doing it all. Its almost like making a crossword puzzle for yourself and making it so complicated that you yourself to played it in a parallel dimension you would think it was really cool.

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