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written by owen on 2010-Feb-23.

No new post this week, I have too many brainy drafts that I need to get rid of. Its a good thing I have a whole Jamaica section where we can celebrate In the mean time check these old youtube videos out;

I will survive is really different for everybody I've talked about it with;

Some Too tricky, some hard to please, yup, true, true

Long time LT. Stichie a tell the young girls;

In this video you will see a grown man in a tiger print jump suit.

Now two white girls on a mini bus has absolutely no educational or lyrical value but at the time it pure comedy. Rubadub style can never get old;

I could go on and but I had to force my self to stop searching for videos. Discuss and post links to other favourites from the late 80s in the comments. (just put the links in the comments it will auto embed the player)

Update 02-28-2010

More videos in comments.

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  1. listening to these gives me butterflies in my stomach

    by Jamaipanese 2010-Feb-25 

  2. i enjoyed these. i remember two white girls pon a minibus...used to show on tv in Barbados :)

    by Jamila 2010-Feb-27 

  3. Thank you for those videos.

    by Dutty 2010-Feb-28 

  4. they are quite a few more. will post them in the comments as soon as I find/remember them

    by owen 2010-Feb-28 

  5. Admiral Bailey had a few hits;

    Junior Tucker


    JC Lodge Telephone love (1988)

    by owen 2010-Feb-28