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Gold Shoes

written by Jamila, published 2010-Sep-06, comment

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Living my life like it's golden...

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Jamila commented: lol...they actually are mine...wore them to a wedding. ... read 3 more

Air Brushed at CES 2010

written by owen, published 2010-Aug-23, comment

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Usually reserved only for kids but this lady was mighty proud of her shoulder. more CES 2010 pics.

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mad bull commented: I can see why. It was pretty! ... read 4 more

Portland Jerk Fest 2010

written by owen, published 2010-Aug-19, comment

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Any event you go you'll always see 2 random white girls that look like they were fresh off the boat.

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Tami commented: The placement and useage of words does not calculate. White girls and fresh of the boat -- No no i think you meant latino's fresh off the boat White people either own boats or book ships. ... read 5 more

Finally, A Body Shot... Almost!

written by Mad bull, published 2010-May-02, comment

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So, when Owen was thinking of creating the 'Body Shots' category for his website, I was all for it! I encouraged him, saying that I would post pictures of tattoos that people I knew had. He was convinced by myself and a few other people and he finally did it.

Then for days after he created the category, Owen was complaining. "No body shots! See! What did I tell you!". As he had surmised, the pictures were NOT rolling in.

I don't know why other people were not posting pictures, but speaking for me, while I know many women with tattoos (who wants to take pictures of men, am I right?), its not like we are bosom buddies and I can just say, “hey, let me take a picture of your tattoo nuh?”. See, tattoos are often in places that make it a bit delicate to request to be allowed to take a picture of it, if you and the lady in question are not close.

So anyway, yesterday, I asked one of the ladies that I know who has this fetching tattoo on her right ankle if I could take a picture of it and she said yes. Who tell me to do that?!!! Natty borrowed my phone to take a picture of something and she saw it and <strike>she went ballistic!</strike> she got a bit miffed, shall we say.

I explained the picture away by telling her all about Owen's 'Body Shots' category, and so now I come here to post it, only to find that Owen has become all picky and choosy and he wants the pictures to be at least 700px wide and 525px height or larger. Damn!

And I bet he has code to block my picture if it doesn't match his specs too. >:^(

Well, I am going to try to post it anyway, and I am going to link it back to my blog and I will also post it there. If the picture doesn't make it to Owen's site, then maybe the link will, and people can click through and see the picture at my site. I hope it works. Here goes nothing....

Here is the link to the post at my site, just in case...

I hope you enjoy it :^)

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owen commented: Well as they say better late than never. I meant to change that message about the size from long time but I working on changes in the local build that I simply can't upload yet. Cellphone pix are EVIL! So it go. Maybe I should rename it "FootShots", cause the feet are [url][caption]winning[/url], lol. [smile] ... read 6 more


written by Jamila, published 2009-Sep-27, comment

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A body view of a Barbadian sunset

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Mad Bull commented: You're right Tami! ... read 8 more