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I like to take pictures, I feel that life is too short and I need to capture as much of it as possible. I like sleeping but sleeping doesn't like me. I have written extensively in the form of articles and odes to my coy mistress.

Born in 1981, I lives in Jamaica W.I.. Named "owen" at birth. The "soft" in "owensoft" is a amalgamation. Information, bueaty and nonsense in a trifecta of words with the middle word purposely mispelt to create a easy target. I am a programmer at heart but I do know what a good design looks like and how to balance functionality with usability. I am what you call classically trained. I can write code in any language and visuallize abstract concepts faster than most people can arrange a picture puzzle.

So what do I do? I teach. I write. I design, software, reports, databases, games and custom computer solutions. I am a software consultant.



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Contact by email: owensoft at gmail dot com


  • Nice site! i'm not sure how i ended up here, i have a habit of clicking stuff i dont understand! but, anyway! nice site!
    jess ( Australia )