1. Nice view. But bredren, did you really have to give each picture a post?

    by Leon 2008-Jan-25 

  2. right now the site only allows one pic per post. which is why it is the way it is

    by owen 2008-Jan-25 

  3. Thanks for these photos. I wanted to see what the HWT Transport Centre looked like. [confident]

    by Mad Bull 2008-Jan-27 

  4. its a pretty big place more photos when I actually get there early in the morning

    by owen 2008-Jan-27 

  5. And to think, i thought it would just be a big piece a zinc

    by Shafreeka Neyney 2009-Jan-04 

  6. they e o.k
    and they are not on time
    when time me get up in the morning i am waiting on the 6 10 bus gi have been waiting so lon

    by towi 2009-Oct-02 

  7. Them need to Put more Attractions in the park

    by Hothead 2009-Nov-20 

  8. its not really a park, its a bus terminus. they really don't want people idling around in there

    by owen 2009-Nov-20 

  9. i need some informattion about defacement at the centre. it's for my sociology .I.A

    by angel 2010-Mar-08 

  10. all the information i can give you is "good luck". lol

    by owen 2010-Mar-09