Paper Straws, Ghetto Paradise

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written by owen on 2019-Apr-05.

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Paper straws are actually cooler than plastic straws. They can come in multiple colours. Besides the fact that you have to make paper in order to make them. Not lasting forever is actually a good thing. All we need to get rid of now are those plastic pieces at the top of the cups.

The recent ban on plastics (though late in coming) helps in our move to get rid of all plastics. Especially the ones that eventually end up in the sea (despite our efforts). Some Jamaicans on a whole are simply liter bugs or lazy or have no proper garbage collection facilities. The problem is multi-dimensional. it is the human condition.

The burden of plastics affects everything even computers tech that get slower over time because the software industry likes to build and ignore hardware to encourage constant re-buying. Constantly adding bloat in the pursuit of being modern.

There are more people, more cars, more everything but the environment is still the same size.

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