New CDs in 2016

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written by owen on 2017-Jan-22.

I made the mistake of letting my nephew buy me CDs when he traveled last year without giving him proper and specific requirements.

First rule is NEVER to a CD which is a mix, "best of" or greatest hits. The only greatest hits CD that I have is from Sade and recently from Tracy Chapman. They are are basically pointless and often have edited version of songs which are better left unedited. The Snoop Dogg CD (pictured) was the worst of bunch with a song called "Down for my Ns" which is hilarious to listen to in the clean version.

Of the 9 CDs he bought out of the bargin bin only the 4 on the left were even worth listening to. The Snoop dogg was awful and the Alicia Keys was the usual RNB stuff. I am not a fan of RNB but the Usher CD was pretty lit especiall the song little freak (the best beat). The Outkast CD had "Ms Jaskson" on it but I was hoping it was the one with "Hey Ya". The Outcast CD graphic was interesting to say the least.

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