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Love is like Oxygen in Logbook

Tami said; For me, love is like HCN. Sometimes you realize that the thing you want most wont really get you into trouble because it doesn’t want you back. « Reply

DLBG said; Love it when you say hello « Reply

Music CDs and why I prefer them in Music

Mad Bull said; By the way... some of Jewel's music is country. « Reply

Mad Bull. said; I wonder how many CDs I have? I should count them and find out. I am a music-from-anywhere kind of guy. Nuff mixed CD, nuff, nuff, nuff, nuff, nuff MP3s... but its the differences between people that make the world special. I like it that you are still doing these posts as well. Respect. « Reply

NewoSky Post-Mortem (programming) in Articles

ytvang said; [!] what a september-surprise this release was to me. I love what this newo series means for the wonderful white box. ty [!] « Reply

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