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Sheffi said; Experiences...humans do not experience things, situations, places similarly. One will be looking in awe at a picturesque landscape and trying to absorb it in an effort to add it to their catalog of memories while another occupying a similar space will be wondering how fast they could get in front of a television and 'watch' nature from the comfort of their living room.
         Keep on living and sharing my friend. « Reply

Hellshire festivals

Tami said; I would go to swim at Boardwalk beach, then drive to hellshire to get festivals. Thats how loyal i am.

Island Grill festivals are too doughy/flowery « Reply

Curry Shrimp from Fishpot HWT

Tami said; Im sorry, I visited this place once and it was too raw/ fishy for my liking. « Reply

Popeyes CrossRoads

Tami said; Popeyes is win win « Reply

Go Outside

Tami said; Men mostly remain child-like while women blossom. This is what causes a lot of problems and mid life crisis. « Reply

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