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San Fernando, Trinidad

I Heart Daft Punk said; Welcome Keith!

Owen, is di first time mi ever see you write a whole paragraph wid ongle one spelling error. Yuh a gwaan good, mi friend. LOL. « Reply

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mad bull said; Where in the world is this again, SE? « Reply

How can you NOT like ketchup?

mad bull said; Ketchup good on meat and fries. Rice? Eggs? Ninguna manera! No way, baby! [nasty] « Reply

Party Decorations

mad bull said; Well, my suggestion is to leave this one going and start new ones. « Reply

How can you NOT like ketchup?

Pepper said; ketchup isnt spicy unless u buy the hot and spicy one
i like that one on sausages and burgers and egg...thats about it « Reply

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