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Party Decorations

mad bull said; Well, my suggestion is to leave this one going and start new ones. « Reply

How can you NOT like ketchup?

Pepper said; ketchup isnt spicy unless u buy the hot and spicy one
i like that one on sausages and burgers and egg...thats about it « Reply

Post it's

Tami said; Notice, they are aligned around the screen so as a task is completed the post it gets promoted to the bin. « Reply

How can you NOT like ketchup?

Tami said; Easy, you just dont fullstop. I don't even have my fries with ketchup, only sometimes. Not all the times its neccessary. « Reply


Tami said; Owen, when u have BBQ chicken you don't need that much ketchup.

What's wrong with the picture? It's not a balanced meal. Not even likkle tomato slices and the vegs look young, no fresh colours. God you should really come over for a good plate man, nuh wonder u mawga suh. [misc] « Reply

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