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Gordon Swaby said; Ketchup on rice is fucking awesome; and there's nothing really wrong with the pic. Could have been a bit more colorful though « Reply

SE said; Ketchup on rice is gross. *barfs*

But what's even more wrong wid dis picture is that it's a picture and not a steaming plate of food in front of me.

BTW, if I ate like dat for lunch, I would be passed out somewhere within the hour. « Reply

marangand said; Way too much rice, meal needs some more colour

MB what u talking bout, ketchup on rice, especially hot white rice is wicked!!!! « Reply

mad bull said; Ketchup on rice: not nice. « Reply

Working from beyond

SE said; Umm, dis is one a my pet peeves. If yuh gonna go through the trouble of typing up a note for the rest of "us", at least spell it right.

@GC, I love that site! :) « Reply

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