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Sunscape Resort, Montego Bay Jamaica

Anonymous1 said; test jhkj kjhj « Reply

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and big data is a dead end

Alex said; I think you have some interesting ideas. I think the next couple of decades will really test whether increasing the size of neural nets will allow us to more simulate the brain. Some think that until we can build neural nets with trillions of connections like the brain, the we won't know for sure if scalability is the last barrier. That being said I tend to agree with you. I think the brain works in a super clever way and data alone will not equal intelligence. But I do think that a brain, however clever, does not learn and self organize without lots and lots of data to draw conclusions. One of the biggest open questions is how to transfer learning. The more tuned the brain is, it seems it needs less data to learn new things. What I think it's doing is extremely hierarchical, which is exactly what deep neural networks is about. « Reply

Hellshire, Beach erosion Oct 2015


Are you doing better than your parents when they were your age?

Gods child said; Slightly better and slightly worse. I have more assets but they come with more debt. « Reply

How much toothpaste do you need to put on your toothbrush?

Gods child said; Enough to cover the nail of your little finger should do it. If you have a giant little finger then you should have giant teeth. If you have a sixth finger, then use the fifth. If no little finger at all, sorry. « Reply

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