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What Are Your favorite Songs/Videos Of 2017? in Questions

owen said; of course I jumped into the soca year early so I have whole posts of my favourite 2017 soca songs; part 1 and part 2.

Also Cuba Says Hello and the Summer Song « Reply

owen said; Farmer Nappy - Abundance
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owen said; Aidonia - Yeah Yeah (BRT Weekend Edition)

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Why haven't you killed yourself yet? in Questions

lozenger said; I have no family in contact, I have no kids or grand kids, my father is married to my fiancĂ© of 7 years. I have mentall illness that isolatetes me cant make friends. and in the last 8 months ive been diagnosed with 2 kinks in spine,athritus nuro pathic pain. I cant wipe/ wash my self I have had a red raw skin infection "help is on the way" doesn't detract from the embaracment pride so death is the only way,I'm a lonely semi old benefits ive had domesic abuse sexuall abuse raped twice suffered many losses in cluding my if I'm asked why not wat would you say « Reply

Beautiful Words in Logbook

owen said; words are memories frozen in time. « Reply

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