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If you don't have any go out and get a job. en http://owensoft.net http://owensoft.net/favicon.ico owenSoft.net http://owensoft.net/ Office in BW (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2210/ <p>The rat race in black and white.</p> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2210/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1671.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2210/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1670.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2210/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1668.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2210/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1669.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2210/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1672.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2210/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1673.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2210/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1674.jpg" /></a> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2210/#comment">comment</a></p> 2015-08-17 11:11:50 Messy Desk (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1966/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1966/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1177.jpg" /></a><p>Somebody bring bun in cling wrap.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1966/#comment">comment</a></p> 2013-12-14 18:46:04 Type Writer (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1956/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1956/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1168.jpg" /></a><p>What alot of people don&#039;t know about me is that I did typing in CXC - not willingly but I had the free time and the devil. I got a 3 when 3s were just starting to be considered a pass. It was on a mechanical typewriter, the ones that you had to press the keys all the way in until the hammer hit the paper (not pictured) if you wanted to make your mark. Once you got it right you would hear a loud klack as the letter hit the ribbon and then a imprinted on a fresh sheet of 8x11.</p><p>I learned alot from the course and it was a great way to meet girls (not pictured). All I can tell you is that if you want to learn to type faster you should always keep both your hands over the keys - always.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1956/#comment">comment</a></p> 2013-11-23 22:44:05 CubeSpace (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1247/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1247/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/601.jpg" /></a><p>2-19-2005 12:20:10 pm</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1247/#comment">comment</a></p> 2009-05-29 07:38:30 View from 32 (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1094/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1094/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/533.jpg" /></a><p>The view from my office window...it calms me when I&#039;m havin&#039; a bad day.</p> <p><strong>by SE</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1094/#comment">comment</a></p> 2008-07-02 21:42:11 Post it's (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1087/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1087/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/529.jpg" /></a><p>All tasks completed</p> <p><strong>by Tami</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1087/#comment">comment</a></p> 2008-06-21 13:47:41 Working from beyond (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1058/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1058/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/513.jpg" /></a><p>I wonder if these are in the male bathrooms as well. Plus they got it wrong, It should be &quot;If you sprinkle while you tinkle&quot;</p> <p><strong>by Tami</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1058/#comment">comment</a></p> 2008-05-11 00:16:57 In case of fire (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/995/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/995/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/474.jpg" /></a><p>escape</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/995/#comment">comment</a></p> 2008-03-09 16:05:45 The black tie (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/949/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/949/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/442.jpg" /></a><p>Yeah I wear it too often I know</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/949/#comment">comment</a></p> 2008-01-13 19:30:13 My Desk shiny thing (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/939/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/939/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/437.jpg" /></a><p>my only decoration</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/939/#comment">comment</a></p> 2007-12-30 11:48:11 desk with flowers (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/907/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/907/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/420.jpg" /></a><p>I already have this up on my blog but I just thought I&#039;d share. Please notice I have a lovely glare-reducing screen over my monitor. US$45. Totally worth it. <br />Also, in the foreground, a travel mug full of coffee. Can&#039;t manage without it--just plain addicted at this point.</p> <p><strong>by Gods Child</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/907/#comment">comment</a></p> 2007-11-09 10:46:58 CH (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/863/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/863/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/395.jpg" /></a><p>new black keyboard</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/863/#comment">comment</a></p> 2007-09-22 08:38:04 the window behind me (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/856/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/856/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/392.jpg" /></a><p>While some workmen were mowing the lawn I shut the window to keep the noise out. I did it kind of hard so when I was walking away and I heard a &quot;crack&quot; I thought it was because I had been rough with the window. I figured they would make me pay for it. It turned out that a rock had gotten caught in the lawnmower and got shot back out at my window.</p> <p><strong>by Gods Child</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/856/#comment">comment</a></p> 2007-09-11 13:01:10 Toiling (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/851/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/851/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/390.jpg" /></a><p>The late night toiling away at our little project.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/851/#comment">comment</a></p> 2007-08-31 22:03:15 2007 08 26 (Office Space) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/843/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/843/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/383.jpg" /></a><p>When the monitor died I bought a 19&quot; but I&#039;m already tired of it. And thats a 12&quot; G5. SD ram is also hard to get these days.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/843/#comment">comment</a></p> 2007-08-26 11:26:37