owenSoft.net - Technology http://owensoft.net/ Computers, video games and stuff en http://owensoft.net http://owensoft.net/favicon.ico owenSoft.net http://owensoft.net/ No Mans Sky is Game of the Year (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2314/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2314/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2140.jpg" /></a><p>When all is said and done NMS is the only new game released this year. People have already started making lists of games that you should try out if you did not like NMS. Hype aside all these lists are bullshit.</p><p>If someone came up to me and said &quot;Street Fighter&#039;s story sucks here is a game called Mass Effect which totally does it better and has some fighting in it too!&quot;. I would laugh in her face. &quot;What nonsense talk!?&quot;. These games are not even in the same genre! You want to compare NMS to a turn-based top down strategy game? And recommend people play it after they have experienced the wonder that is NMS? Lol. No one will ever be the same. </p><p>This type of thinking is nonsensical. NMS is not just about its story or its pointless collect-a-ton game play or its lore or post effects. No Mans Sky is the sum of its parts - it is about bringing these odd/tedious game play mechanics together in a way which has never been done before. Of course your mileage may vary but no one lives forever and no game appeals to every player. Some are gonna be left crying for multiplayer - poor <a rel='external' href='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdgI1342CNM' title='lonely souls'>lonely souls</a>.</p><p><span class="h"><em>To die in a place that does not know your name. God knows you lonely souls</em></span></p><p>NMS has literally changed how we look at game art. It may not be obvious now but at some point in the future all games will have procedural art or procedural assets. Variety is the spice of life. No longer will we be plagued with NPC clones in every town or predictable sidequests.</p><p>Of course Mass Effect&#039;s story is better than the story in Street fighter but the people playing street fighter are not totally invested in the story - they would &quot;like&quot; to have story - but in the end all they want to do is throw fire balls and dragon punchs all day long! Sitting down and making dialog choices is not what fighting games are about.</p><p>Another person said that Uncharted 4 should be game of the year but seriously its the 4th game in a series of almost identical games. If I were to choose one I would say the collecter&#039;s editions are a better game than any one title in the series. Each game has been done, updated and redone - it is time we can try something new now.</p><p>What NMS brings to the table is a new take on the old rinse and repeat games that have been released over the years - the constant polishing and up-rez-ing of tired genres of open-world games with skill trees that have been stale since Grand Theft Auto: Sandreas. NMS sky is a big experiment in bridging the gap between hardcore space sims and reading sci-fi novels. It brings enough dumb stuff together and bakes a little pie that might not full your belly but you certainly will remember eating it.</p><p>And thats why NMS should be game of the year - It is the sum of these little dumb things that makes it great. </p><p>A new final fantasy might be released soon and we all know what it is going to be, we all know that its going to be an RPG with healing potions and pheonix downs. Nothing is a suprise anymore. We will look at the gaint monsters like we were seeing Shadow of the Collossi for the first time and be in awe of its 30fps glowry. A new Call of duty is going to drop and its probably going to have better space combat than NMS and even better gun play and online multiplayer but who cares? Team death match - capture the flag. Its all the same stuff with more polygons. Give us new stuff. Sci-book covers!</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2314/#comment">comment</a></p> 2016-08-19 17:28:38 Got me some PS2 component cables (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2207/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2207/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1656.jpg" /></a><p>I bought a component cable (6 plug Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr) for my PS2 slim today at Royal PC (after watching a video about it online ) for the price of a movie ticket. It makes a world of a difference on the current HDTVs which are much cheaper now than when the PS2 originally came out in 2000. Make sure you use the composite cable to setup the ps2 colour mode before you attach the new cables because I spent almost an hour trying to figure out why they weren&#039;t working on my television and was wondering if I had bought defective cables. Leave the PS2 disk cover open and then go into the settings with the old A/V cables. Thank god for the internet, I found this <a rel='external' href='http://www.amazon.com/review/R35I41TSO94FQ3' title='review'>review</a> that helped me figure out that the setting was the problem.</p><p>I can finally enjoy Gran Turismo 4 in crisp 1080p HD. I still have the super license tests to complete. I think the license tests may actually be the only reason to play GT games. GT does get daunting at times but it has the best graphics of all the games I own and is probably the easiest to jump back into after I have been on a long hiatus. There is not much to playing a racing game, just takes lots of practice, fortitude and failed driving tests.</p><p>A setup like this would have probably cost 2000 USD back in the day (2002). I might be able to finally tackle my PS2 backlog of games I had been hording for a couple years now. I still have <strong>Persona 3</strong> to finish and also to find a copy of <strong>Persona 4</strong>. Even with though Persona 4: Golden was released on the PS Vita I would much rather drop the money on the original version than invest in the abomination that is the PS Vita. Fcuk a remake/reboot/re-release!</p><p>The new cables do not do much to improve <strong>Hitman: Blood Money</strong> but I had already finished all 3 hitman games so not much of a loss there. Blood money is by far the best Hitman game. <strong>Tekken 5</strong> benefits from the cables a little but that was already a pretty nice looking game. Newer PS2 games that were made after the year 2004 seem to benefit the most from the cables. Make sure you check the display settings in-game to see what can be changed. The mini-map and timer in <strong>GTA: San Andreas</strong> and basically all the text in games are crisper.</p><p>I think I am lost somewhere in <strong>Silent Hill 2</strong>. Doubt I will ever restart that game. Some games seem to be impossible to get back into once your have reached a point and stopped playing. Its like I forgot what exactly I was doing or where I was going. Almost the same problem with <strong>God Of War</strong>. God Of war got boring really fast like a gigantic pizza that you want to eat but cannot because you are full. GOW even has &quot;progressive scan&quot; on the back of the box but no other game seems to have that label. I have God of war 2 as well but if I never finish the first one, I will not be able to start the second - I live by rules.</p><p>My black label copy of ICO showed up as &quot;Invalid Formate&quot; on my tv, I&#039;m not sure why. <strong>Shadow of Colossi</strong> worked fine. ICO was released in 2001 while SOC was a 2005 game so it proves my earlier point of newer games working better. Final Fantasy 10 works fine as awful a game as it is - doubt I will be getting back into that mess of a game. </p><p>The colours are more vibrant in <strong>We Heart Katamari</strong>. This Game in particular seems to benefit the most from the component cables. Everything is less washed out and less blurry with less jaggies. You can certainly tell the difference in both the 2d and the 3d scenes. </p><h4>Conclusion</h4><p>If you are going to be kicking it old school on the PS2 (or the Wii). And you have a new Flat Screen HD TV then you definately should spend the extra money to get the 5 plug component cables. The only problem you will have is figuring out what system you are gonna connect to the back of the tv next.<br /></p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2207/#comment">comment</a></p> 2015-08-09 09:00:23 New Point and Shoot (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2051/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2051/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1247.jpg" /></a><p>So I jumped on the opportunity to upgrade my trusty point and shoot to a newer version before I went on vacation. Friends will say &quot;dude that is so old school! Everybody takes pictures with their smartphones‎! Its the future get with the times! Stop being so stubborn!&quot;. </p><p>To which I reply in writing with a list of reasons why I poo-poo smartphone cameras;</p><p>Smartphone cameras are not good at any particular thing. Except for maybe instagraming and facebooking pictures.‎ Smartphones are small but the pictures are soulless.</p><p>Smartphones are less efficient; After six months using a smartphone as my main camera it turns out that I take less pictures. I am not sure if it&#039;s the clunky touch screen interface of launching the camera application then waiting for it to focus. Eitherway I seem to be taking less photos as time goes buy.</p><p>Point and shoot cameras are better for organizing photos. ‎ When I take photos on my smartphone all the pictures get dumped into the camera/photo folder. On a camera you get a big neatly organised daily/monthly folder structure.</p><p>Smartphone cameras lack all sorts of simple functionality. Yes you can pinch to do a digital zoom but who wants digital zoom? I like to tinker with my picture settings, aperture, focal point, ISO etc. I would rather take a good picture the first time that have to be adding filters after every shot I take. (might be why I haven&#039;t taken many pics lately)</p><p>Battery life; not matter how many services I turn of on my smartphone the battery still runs down by 5 pm. On less I plan to walk around with my phone charger, smartphones can&#039;t hold up to extended picture taking.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2051/#comment">comment</a></p> 2014-08-26 15:29:57 BlackBerry OS10 Review (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2026/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2026/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1227.jpg" /></a><p>‎After using the Q10 for the past 3 weeks I can safely say that this is the best cellphone operating system that I have ever used. Once you get accustomed to swiping up and not having a answer call and hang up hard key.</p><p>Recommendations</p><p>On the Q10 remove the phone app from the bottom left edge of the screen or allow the user to customize the icon.    Also the quick dial numbers are too close to the edge of the screen. It is very easy to accidentally call phone numbers while putting the phone into you pocket. Gripping the phone at the edges or when the phone app is open often results in the last number being dialed. Suggest having an option for confirmation before dialing a number.</p><p>BlackBerry hub<br />No filter for draft emails(fixed in 10.2 with pinch). I ended up having to prefix all my draft emails with &quot;draft&quot; so that I could use the subject search to find them.  </p><p>File manager<br />When selecting photo files the sort order always resets to sort by name descending. It should remember the last sorting selection. Also the facebook app doesn&#039;t allow me to select a png file for my profile picture but the UI doesn&#039;t show that I am looking at a filtered list so I spend 10 minutes wondering why I can&#039;t see the png file I just recently saved in my folder.</p><p>Offer an option to create folders based on the day the photo was taken (instead of having a month long list) .</p><p>Facebook app<br />Can&#039;t write on a person&#039;s wall directly from the hub on thier birthday.   This was a feature is the old BlackBerry os.<br />‎<br />‎Quick settings<br />There should be a quick setting for mobile data on/off. Sometimes I might be using wifi for an extended period and the wifi access might drop unexpectedly and the phone will start using the mobile data. Not good.</p><p>Music player<br />I don&#039;t see the need to spend the whole time looking at the cover art. Especially when you are playing and entire album. Show the list of songs or give an option to keep the album art minimized.‎ So far this is the most inefficient interface.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2026/#comment">comment</a></p> 2014-06-09 19:27:56 Old Dreamcast (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1986/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1986/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1192.jpg" /></a><p>I bought this like 8 years ago and played tons of 4 player Virtua Tennis on it. Not even to mention a burnt copy of <a rel='external' href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEzCkLFSpYc&amp;list=PLif53VHWQNE2Z-Mw0WcVraNKtO2CUhel2' title='Metropolis Street Racer'>Metropolis Street Racer</a> which had the best sound track I&#039;ve ever heard in a racing game except for Vice City and Tony Hawk ProS2. Eventually it stopped reading in compact disks. I really need to give this to some body who wants one and is able to fix it. It should be too hard to get it working again.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1986/#comment">comment</a></p> 2014-01-21 14:19:15 Smartphone Battery Future (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1980/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1980/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1186.jpg" /></a><p>Remember back in the day when you used to charge your cellphone once every week? Yeah, I don&#039;t remember it either. Nowadays if you even look at your smartphone the battery dies and you have to carry around a charging cable with you everywhere you go. Some people go to the extent of buying several cables; one for work, home, parents home, car or Europe.</p><p>I read a somewhere once that the best way to extend battery life on a smartphone is to not use it. Like never use it; &quot;My cellphone has great battery life, when I don&#039;t use it, lol&quot;. We are having faster and faster phones, eventually we will have to walk around with tethered external batteries in our pockets.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1980/#comment">comment</a></p> 2014-01-13 12:22:38 The Age of So-So Hardware (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1961/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1961/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1172.jpg" /></a><p>I think shuffle one of the most useful piece of technology that apple has built since the Iphone. Not only is it clean, simple and compact - it does one job very well which is what is missing from most technology that is being released today. Often hardware released in this day and age is a &quot;Jack of all trades&quot;. You can buy a TV that has a web browser but the web browser is 2 years old and never gets updates unless you buy a whole new television.</p><p>The smart phone market is just as bad with thousands of Android phones which need specific software updates from each manufacturer even though they all have the same base features; touchscreen, camera, bluetooth. We are just making more plastic for the landfills of the world. Apple and Windows has a marriage of hardware and software which encourages developers and consumers to buy several apple products regularly simply to stay in the loop.</p><p>Software abstraction and APIs are getting so bloated that one often never knows what is going on under the hood. While at the same time writing more and more code that does less and less. With enough funding and a early jump on the SDKs one could weather the storm but in a flooded market place its really the companies with the most loyal fans that rule.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1961/#comment">comment</a></p> 2013-12-02 09:59:05 Playstation 4 Announcement Reactions (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1791/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1791/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1019.jpg" /></a><p>So here we go again. Sony has announce its new console with more of the same.; trailers for games that will probably never come out and killzone. I would not have started with a trailer of a game that looks like every other FPS shooter on the market for the last 5 years. The shadows look impressive and the lighting is off the chain but every thing else is the same shoot.shoot and throw grenade, corridors and terrorism.</p><p>The only thing that really impressed me was the demo of Watch Dogs, has been seen but still consists of the most innovative gameplay so far. Its hard to tell what percentage of this game is just quicktime events but the environment and pedestrians are the best I have seen in any game.<br /><a class="ebv" id="PODJJN3fTME" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=PODJJN3fTME" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/PODJJN3fTME/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br />The new controller is more of the same - no need to change it really. It has advanced rumble. The touchpad may be useful for throwing grenades but little else. It has a headphone jack which is good but kinda pointless with bluetooth being available everywhere. Pointless share button - you could always press start or the playstation button.</p><p>NO PICTURE OF THE CONSOLE!</p><p>The rest of the presentation was pretty much full of random demos of random pretty stuff. The whole conference is best summarized below;<br /><a class="ebv" id="0rJDn0jRnUQ" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=0rJDn0jRnUQ" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/0rJDn0jRnUQ/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br />My guess is 700 dollars at launch.</p><p>Photo credit; Brendan McDermid/Reuters</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1791/#comment">comment</a></p> 2013-02-21 17:47:45 Thoughts on E3 2012 (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1672/ <p>If you follow video game entertainment at all you might have known that the E3 conference completed last week. Here is my round up;</p><h4>The Last of Us</h4><p>Another murder simulator from Naughty Dog. I really think they should go into making movies. Movies are much cheaper and would make them tons more money. How do you go from avoiding bad guys to killing EVERY BODY IN THE BUILDING?</p><p><a class="ebv" id="kbLOokeC3VU" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=kbLOokeC3VU" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/kbLOokeC3VU/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br /><br />I can see it now, news gets around fast in this post apocoloyptic world - everybody wants to kill you and eat your brain. I have a hatred for super smart zombies as well. Zombies setting traps and baracades for you to fall in to - it seriously makes no sense.</p><p>The Last Of Us looks like scripted mess and I&#039;m not going to stop saying it until the Naughty Dog fanbois grow a second brain that is capable of recognising the difference between a playable cutscene and a game. I am not going to even try and explain what a game is, its something like Pac-man when you enter the maze but instead of the ghosts roaming around the room, they are cussing and talking to themselves loudly.</p><p>I am saying that its going to be a bad game. All I am saying that it would be a better movie. Which is good thing since you are playing it on the best Bluray player on the market. You can hear a gun shot from a mile away, any shots fire would alert anybody in the area - its time video games stopped using shitty mechanics.</p><h4>Tomb Raider</h4><p>Nice tits. Getting shot splashes water on the screen. Wow. Not to mention Lara chooses to use a bow when all the baddies are using assualt rifles.</p><p><a class="ebv" id="n_KtGCJHqLU" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=n_KtGCJHqLU" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/n_KtGCJHqLU/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br /><br />The constant forward push seen in the trailor is pointless as well, only an idiot would enter a river of rushing water while on the side of a cliff. Even the contruction of the environment is void of any logic.</p><h4>Halo 4</h4><p>Feels like Metroid Prime.<br /><a class="ebv" id="5N-CRrP9xjQ" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=5N-CRrP9xjQ" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/5N-CRrP9xjQ/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br />Just as I said in my Prometheous Review: Never take off your helmet - EVER!</p><h4>Watch Dogs</h4><p>Hacking in to cellphones and street lights is not really my thing but those trees and wind effects look top notch.<br /><a class="ebv" id="FcMRkyoHKeA" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=FcMRkyoHKeA" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/FcMRkyoHKeA/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br />The user interface looks clean but nothing here convinces me that this game is not another scripted cover based third person shooter. Has blade runner vibe as well, hopefully there are no stages on trains.</p><h4>Beyond: Two Souls</h4><p>Not much you can tell from a long ass cutscene.<br /><a class="ebv" id="4NEup8y0g-Q" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=4NEup8y0g-Q" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/4NEup8y0g-Q/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br />Maybe its a point and click game.</p><h4>Assasin&#039;s Creed 3</h4><p>So stealthy he doesn&#039;t even leave foot prints in the snow.<br /><a class="ebv" id="gZrklEy9ohQ" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=gZrklEy9ohQ" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/gZrklEy9ohQ/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br /></p><h4>Nintendo Land</h4><p>Nintendo is at it again with its family games. Nothing New here.<br /><a class="ebv" id="9kVp2qtLpMM" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=9kVp2qtLpMM" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/9kVp2qtLpMM/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br />As long as I don&#039;t have to hold the controller up to the screen all day.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1672/#comment">comment</a></p> 2012-06-14 14:53:02 New Car Radio (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1644/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1644/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/901.jpg" /></a><p>Bought it from a co-worker, for a little over a 120 USD. Now I can play from my USB flash drive, CD-RW discs, external audio and I can make it flash pretty colors. Only problem I have so far is that you have to pop the whole face down to put in a CD.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1644/#comment">comment</a></p> 2012-04-16 09:57:13 My Old Car Radio (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1642/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1642/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/899.jpg" /></a><p>A Poineer XX-Something. I was good for a while but it go increasingly annoying because it did not like my CD-RW discs. Of course it would play original music cds but I don&#039;t buy them that often and my favourite discount CD store closed down and became a vegetarian food restaurant :(</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1642/#comment">comment</a></p> 2012-04-16 09:39:34 Wiring the New Radio (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1628/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1628/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/888.jpg" /></a><p>I recently became annoyed with burning CD-RW disks before I left work so that I could play newly discovered music in my car. Sure it was not bad at first but eventually after about a week or 2 of constant burning and the heat from within the car the re-writeable disks would simple give up and I was left with nothing to listen to but the radio or original CDs.</p><p>After months of trying to pop out the radio to check for inputs on the back I finally was able to get it out - only to realise that there were no AUX in ports on the back of my old radio. I had not choice but to buy a new radio.</p><p>After another couple months of searching and bitching I was finally able to get a new radio that did not break the bank and would not get my car stolen (though the jury is still out on that one)</p><p>Luckily for me there was a radio already in my car. So all I had to do with match the colors.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1628/#comment">comment</a></p> 2012-03-08 16:01:24 Jamaica Elections 2011 - Manifesto Word Search (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1599/ <p>Do a quick search for words or phrases across all the 2011 Manifestos (JAM,JLP,MGPPP,NDM,PNP) and compare the results; maybe pointless but who knows; <a href="http://owensoft.net/project/agow2011/" rel='external'>owensoft.net/project/agow2011/</a></p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1599/#comment">comment</a></p> 2011-12-21 10:55:02 Goldeneye 007 Wii Game Review (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1569/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1569/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/844.jpg" /></a><p>Firstly let&#039;s just say that the game looks bueatiful the single player is definately pushing the wii. Pushing it so far that it results in frame drops when the on screen activity gets heavy. But the jungle stage is a site to be seen.</p><p>However the online multiplayer is a slow 30 frames per second and is littered with double kill bugs - maybe its just me but it is very annoying to shoot somebody is the head get the kill, only to have them kill you at the same time with a shotgun. This happens multple times in a single match.<br />On the plus side the game features accolades which are an indication of how well or how badly you did in a match, things such as Professional, COD Master, . Too bad there is no way to see those gained by your teammates or enemies.</p><blockquote><p>A smart watch with lasers is much cooler than a smart phone with WIFI!</p></blockquote><p>The single player is above average, nothing spectacular but as good as call of duty. It basically IS call of duty. I give it a 8 out of 10. There is fun to be had. Multiplayer is poor but the single player is worth a play through. Doesn&#039;t live up to the memory of the N64 game. It looks better that COD:WAW but does not play better because of its low framerate. Rent or borrow first. Not a memorable game, certainly not worth keeping in your collection.</p><h4>The Online Multiplayer</h4><p>Besides the fact that the gameplay is a laggy 30 frames per second the multi player maps have some of the most illogical designs that I have seen so far in a FPS video game. The major culprit in this stage called archives in which the map is design as a maze, the stage is a 2 storey building which has no sense of symmetry or logical architectural design. I know this may be over the head for most layman but some of the stages in this game are practically impossible to memories because of the random placement of staircases and walls in little rooms that serve no logical purpose in a building.</p><h4>The Single Player Campaign</h4><p>Once you complete the game on notice the first time, you will probably no want to play it again unless you bought the game and have nothing else to play. You can always go for the time trials or the 007 Classic difficulty but these modes are pointless because enemies that appear out of hidden walls and bottleneck sections make doing a quick run through more of a chore than a exercise in skill. The single play is roughly 5 hours and has no gadgets besides a smart phone and some quick time events which are often pointless distraction. There is this one point where I actually had to go online to figure out to escape a helicopter sequence because of a poorly placed button. In general its a mixed bag</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1569/#comment">comment</a></p> 2011-09-14 19:46:46 Bit.Trip - Runner - Wii Review (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1459/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1459/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/755.jpg" /></a><p>Runner is a game that could only have been designed by Hilter. Beating/completing the game requires dedicating GIGABYTES of you brain towards memorizing devilish jumping and ducking patterns in perfect order. Failing to do so will result in you getting sent directly back to the beginning of the level - no check point - no short cuts - NO NOTHING.</p><p>This game is GOOD but I certainly would not give this game a 10 because clearly there were some awful decisions made in the designs/layouts of some of the levels. You can tell that it is a design issue when EVERYBODY who plays level 1-2 has the same problem with those dam stairs. What makes it worst is that those stairs are the hardest in the whole 1st world. Not even to mention the bonus stages that can only be played once after playing the full stage.</p><p>Runner is a novel game but don&#039;t buy it unless you have alot of patience and up for the challenge of playing a level ONE HUNDRED TIMES OVER until you are able to commit everything into muscle memory. I give bit.trip: runner a 8 out of 10. Its good but unnecessarily hard.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1459/#comment">comment</a></p> 2010-12-12 13:32:19