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The Apple computer needs a boot floppy disc because I hard crashed it experimenting at some point in the past but I am sure that it is functional once you can find the means to create a bootable disk for a Macintosh of that age. </p><p>The 486 (could be a 386 I am not sure) is easy to open but the Apple requires a special long bit when I borrowed and one point to get it open but now I cant seem to find someone that has the bit.</p> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2385.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2386.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2387.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2388.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2389.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2390.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2391.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2392.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2393.jpg" /></a> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/2394.jpg" /></a> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2390/#comment">comment</a></p> Tue, 01 Aug 2017 12:45:50 -0500 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2051/ New Point and Shoot (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2051/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2051/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1247.jpg" /></a><p>So I jumped on the opportunity to upgrade my trusty point and shoot to a newer version before I went on vacation. Friends will say &quot;dude that is so old school! Everybody takes pictures with their smartphones‎! Its the future get with the times! Stop being so stubborn!&quot;. </p><p>To which I reply in writing with a list of reasons why I poo-poo smartphone cameras;</p><p>Smartphone cameras are not good at any particular thing. Except for maybe instagraming and facebooking pictures.‎ Smartphones are small but the pictures are soulless.</p><p>Smartphones are less efficient; After six months using a smartphone as my main camera it turns out that I take less pictures. I am not sure if it&#039;s the clunky touch screen interface of launching the camera application then waiting for it to focus. Eitherway I seem to be taking less photos as time goes buy.</p><p>Point and shoot cameras are better for organizing photos. ‎ When I take photos on my smartphone all the pictures get dumped into the camera/photo folder. On a camera you get a big neatly organised daily/monthly folder structure.</p><p>Smartphone cameras lack all sorts of simple functionality. Yes you can pinch to do a digital zoom but who wants digital zoom? I like to tinker with my picture settings, aperture, focal point, ISO etc. I would rather take a good picture the first time that have to be adding filters after every shot I take. (might be why I haven&#039;t taken many pics lately)</p><p>Battery life; not matter how many services I turn of on my smartphone the battery still runs down by 5 pm. On less I plan to walk around with my phone charger, smartphones can&#039;t hold up to extended picture taking.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2051/#comment">comment</a></p> Tue, 26 Aug 2014 15:29:57 -0500 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2026/ BlackBerry OS10 Review (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2026/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2026/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1227.jpg" /></a><p>‎After using the Q10 for the past 3 weeks I can safely say that this is the best cellphone operating system that I have ever used. Once you get accustomed to swiping up and not having a answer call and hang up hard key.</p><p>Recommendations</p><p>On the Q10 remove the phone app from the bottom left edge of the screen or allow the user to customize the icon.    Also the quick dial numbers are too close to the edge of the screen. It is very easy to accidentally call phone numbers while putting the phone into you pocket. Gripping the phone at the edges or when the phone app is open often results in the last number being dialed. Suggest having an option for confirmation before dialing a number.</p><p>BlackBerry hub<br />No filter for draft emails(fixed in 10.2 with pinch). I ended up having to prefix all my draft emails with &quot;draft&quot; so that I could use the subject search to find them.  </p><p>File manager<br />When selecting photo files the sort order always resets to sort by name descending. It should remember the last sorting selection. Also the facebook app doesn&#039;t allow me to select a png file for my profile picture but the UI doesn&#039;t show that I am looking at a filtered list so I spend 10 minutes wondering why I can&#039;t see the png file I just recently saved in my folder.</p><p>Offer an option to create folders based on the day the photo was taken (instead of having a month long list) .</p><p>Facebook app<br />Can&#039;t write on a person&#039;s wall directly from the hub on thier birthday.   This was a feature is the old BlackBerry os.<br />‎<br />‎Quick settings<br />There should be a quick setting for mobile data on/off. Sometimes I might be using wifi for an extended period and the wifi access might drop unexpectedly and the phone will start using the mobile data. Not good.</p><p>Music player<br />I don&#039;t see the need to spend the whole time looking at the cover art. Especially when you are playing and entire album. Show the list of songs or give an option to keep the album art minimized.‎ So far this is the most inefficient interface.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/2026/#comment">comment</a></p> Mon, 09 Jun 2014 19:27:56 -0500 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1980/ Smartphone Battery Future (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1980/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1980/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1186.jpg" /></a><p>Remember back in the day when you used to charge your cellphone once every week? Yeah, I don&#039;t remember it either. Nowadays if you even look at your smartphone the battery dies and you have to carry around a charging cable with you everywhere you go. Some people go to the extent of buying several cables; one for work, home, parents home, car or Europe.</p><p>I read a somewhere once that the best way to extend battery life on a smartphone is to not use it. Like never use it; &quot;My cellphone has great battery life, when I don&#039;t use it, lol&quot;. We are having faster and faster phones, eventually we will have to walk around with tethered external batteries in our pockets.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1980/#comment">comment</a></p> Mon, 13 Jan 2014 12:22:38 -0600 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1961/ The Age of So-So Hardware (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1961/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1961/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1172.jpg" /></a><p>I think shuffle one of the most useful piece of technology that apple has built since the Iphone. Not only is it clean, simple and compact - it does one job very well which is what is missing from most technology that is being released today. Often hardware released in this day and age is a &quot;Jack of all trades&quot;. You can buy a TV that has a web browser but the web browser is 2 years old and never gets updates unless you buy a whole new television.</p><p>The smart phone market is just as bad with thousands of Android phones which need specific software updates from each manufacturer even though they all have the same base features; touchscreen, camera, bluetooth. We are just making more plastic for the landfills of the world. Apple and Windows has a marriage of hardware and software which encourages developers and consumers to buy several apple products regularly simply to stay in the loop.</p><p>Software abstraction and APIs are getting so bloated that one often never knows what is going on under the hood. While at the same time writing more and more code that does less and less. With enough funding and a early jump on the SDKs one could weather the storm but in a flooded market place its really the companies with the most loyal fans that rule.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1961/#comment">comment</a></p> Mon, 02 Dec 2013 09:59:05 -0600 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1791/ Playstation 4 Announcement Reactions (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1791/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1791/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/1019.jpg" /></a><p>So here we go again. Sony has announce its new console with more of the same.; trailers for games that will probably never come out and killzone. I would not have started with a trailer of a game that looks like every other FPS shooter on the market for the last 5 years. The shadows look impressive and the lighting is off the chain but every thing else is the same shoot.shoot and throw grenade, corridors and terrorism.</p><p>The only thing that really impressed me was the demo of Watch Dogs, has been seen but still consists of the most innovative gameplay so far. Its hard to tell what percentage of this game is just quicktime events but the environment and pedestrians are the best I have seen in any game.<br /><a class="ebv" id="PODJJN3fTME" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=PODJJN3fTME" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/PODJJN3fTME/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br />The new controller is more of the same - no need to change it really. It has advanced rumble. The touchpad may be useful for throwing grenades but little else. It has a headphone jack which is good but kinda pointless with bluetooth being available everywhere. Pointless share button - you could always press start or the playstation button.</p><p>NO PICTURE OF THE CONSOLE!</p><p>The rest of the presentation was pretty much full of random demos of random pretty stuff. The whole conference is best summarized below;<br /><a class="ebv" id="0rJDn0jRnUQ" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=0rJDn0jRnUQ" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/0rJDn0jRnUQ/hqdefault.jpg" /></a><br />My guess is 700 dollars at launch.</p><p>Photo credit; Brendan McDermid/Reuters</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1791/#comment">comment</a></p> Thu, 21 Feb 2013 17:47:45 -0600 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1644/ New Car Radio (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1644/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1644/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/901.jpg" /></a><p>Bought it from a co-worker, for a little over a 120 USD. Now I can play from my USB flash drive, CD-RW discs, external audio and I can make it flash pretty colors. Only problem I have so far is that you have to pop the whole face down to put in a CD.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1644/#comment">comment</a></p> Mon, 16 Apr 2012 09:57:13 -0500 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1642/ My Old Car Radio (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1642/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1642/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/899.jpg" /></a><p>A Poineer XX-Something. I was good for a while but it go increasingly annoying because it did not like my CD-RW discs. Of course it would play original music cds but I don&#039;t buy them that often and my favourite discount CD store closed down and became a vegetarian food restaurant :(</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1642/#comment">comment</a></p> Mon, 16 Apr 2012 09:39:34 -0500 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1628/ Wiring the New Radio (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1628/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1628/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/888.jpg" /></a><p>I recently became annoyed with burning CD-RW disks before I left work so that I could play newly discovered music in my car. Sure it was not bad at first but eventually after about a week or 2 of constant burning and the heat from within the car the re-writeable disks would simple give up and I was left with nothing to listen to but the radio or original CDs.</p><p>After months of trying to pop out the radio to check for inputs on the back I finally was able to get it out - only to realise that there were no AUX in ports on the back of my old radio. I had not choice but to buy a new radio.</p><p>After another couple months of searching and bitching I was finally able to get a new radio that did not break the bank and would not get my car stolen (though the jury is still out on that one)</p><p>Luckily for me there was a radio already in my car. So all I had to do with match the colors.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1628/#comment">comment</a></p> Thu, 08 Mar 2012 16:01:24 -0600 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1599/ Jamaica Elections 2011 - Manifesto Word Search (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1599/ <p>Do a quick search for words or phrases across all the 2011 Manifestos (JAM,JLP,MGPPP,NDM,PNP) and compare the results; maybe pointless but who knows; <a href="http://owensoft.net/project/agow2011/" rel='external'>owensoft.net/project/agow2011/</a></p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1599/#comment">comment</a></p> Wed, 21 Dec 2011 10:55:02 -0600 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1569/ Goldeneye 007 Wii Game Review (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1569/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1569/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/844.jpg" /></a><p>Firstly let&#039;s just say that the game looks bueatiful the single player is definately pushing the wii. Pushing it so far that it results in frame drops when the on screen activity gets heavy. But the jungle stage is a site to be seen.</p><p>However the online multiplayer is a slow 30 frames per second and is littered with double kill bugs - maybe its just me but it is very annoying to shoot somebody is the head get the kill, only to have them kill you at the same time with a shotgun. This happens multple times in a single match.<br />On the plus side the game features accolades which are an indication of how well or how badly you did in a match, things such as Professional, COD Master, . Too bad there is no way to see those gained by your teammates or enemies.</p><blockquote><p>A smart watch with lasers is much cooler than a smart phone with WIFI!</p></blockquote><p>The single player is above average, nothing spectacular but as good as call of duty. It basically IS call of duty. I give it a 8 out of 10. There is fun to be had. Multiplayer is poor but the single player is worth a play through. Doesn&#039;t live up to the memory of the N64 game. It looks better that COD:WAW but does not play better because of its low framerate. Rent or borrow first. Not a memorable game, certainly not worth keeping in your collection.</p><h4>The Online Multiplayer</h4><p>Besides the fact that the gameplay is a laggy 30 frames per second the multi player maps have some of the most illogical designs that I have seen so far in a FPS video game. The major culprit in this stage called archives in which the map is design as a maze, the stage is a 2 storey building which has no sense of symmetry or logical architectural design. I know this may be over the head for most layman but some of the stages in this game are practically impossible to memories because of the random placement of staircases and walls in little rooms that serve no logical purpose in a building.</p><h4>The Single Player Campaign</h4><p>Once you complete the game on notice the first time, you will probably no want to play it again unless you bought the game and have nothing else to play. You can always go for the time trials or the 007 Classic difficulty but these modes are pointless because enemies that appear out of hidden walls and bottleneck sections make doing a quick run through more of a chore than a exercise in skill. The single play is roughly 5 hours and has no gadgets besides a smart phone and some quick time events which are often pointless distraction. There is this one point where I actually had to go online to figure out to escape a helicopter sequence because of a poorly placed button. In general its a mixed bag</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1569/#comment">comment</a></p> Wed, 14 Sep 2011 19:46:46 -0500 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1381/ iPhone 4 sucks - a Rant (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1381/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1381/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/689.jpg" /></a><p>RANT BEGIN ---</p><p>So yesterday Steve Jobs bust the place with the new ihone 4.0. And as usual I am pissed but I am not the only <a rel='external' href='http://colinake.tumblr.com/post/674332982/damnit-apple' title='one'>one</a>. The Iphone 4 does nothing but disappoint me at every possible turn. As I was discussing with Camille of <a href="http://fyrfli.net/" rel='external'>fyrfli.net/</a> the iphone 4 is more of the same with a better screen and still no SD card slot. To add insult to injured we now have to which to something called a &quot;micro sim card&quot;. Which in itself is total BS. A micro sim cock maybe good in the customer driven garbage dump with is the USA. But in poorer nationals we can&#039;t just throw shit away for no reason and god knows how long before our local cellphone provides upgrade their systems.</p><p>Camile: Why you need an SD card slot? ... </p><p>if it had a SD card slot they wouldn&#039;t need to keep selling you the same 32gigs of memory over and over for a $100. But I guess its all part of apple&#039;s evil plot. No, of course you don&#039;t need it. :!</p><p>The current prices for apple products usally look something like this;<br />Ipad - 16GB - $499.00<br />Ipad - 32GB - $599.00<br />Ipad - 64GB - $699.00</p><p>I am sure many apple uses have several iphones that are either old or broken but still have 16gb of good memory in them that you have to keep buying over and over again. I&#039;m sure the Ipad uses the same storage medium as the iphone. The storage thing is simply a retarded, money grabbing scheme by apple.</p><h4>So called &quot;Innovation&quot;</h4><p>I could go on and on about their so called &quot;innovation&quot; but I don&#039;t want to be a killjoy. Major feature is that it looks good (better than 90%). Everything else is bait.</p><h4>Apple products just work</h4><p>There are millions of things that &quot;just work&quot;, toasters, refrigerators, but the iphone is special. The iphone just works for a time. How long it &quot;just works&quot; is totally dependant on apple. A SD card slot basically doubles the lifespan of any device that has one. After a year of use stability and reliability go out the window. It is designed to be constantly replaced.</p><p><span class="h"><em>Iphone 4 changes Everything Again! Hells yeah.</em></span></p><h4>Retina Display</h4><p>Last years iphone screen was the shit, now the new iphone 4 screen is the shit and last years phone is REALLY the shit. You can&#039;t improve something that is already standard and call it a feature. Talk to somebody about having a problem with the original iphone and they will simply laugh in your face. Of course this may seem to the reader as alittle thing compared to the awesome &quot;Retina&quot; screen and the &quot;porn Facetime&quot;. But a hi-res screen is only going to make you use up more memory storing/looking-at big-ass images.</p><h4>HD recording</h4><p>OMFG. If I hear the HD Acronym again I&#039;m going to flip out and spill oil in the gulf of mexico. Seriously, who has time to be recording and upload those big-ass HD movie files? Can you simply just give me 480 widescreen resolution? Or is that impossible?</p><h4>IMproved Battery Life</h4><p>OMFG. Putting in a bigger batter is not improving batter life.</p><h4>Multi-Tasking Done the right way</h4><p>I have no complains about this. They can do whatever they want. Why the old iphones can&#039;t do it is very puzzling.</p><h4>IAds</h4><p>So now I have to be always connected to the net so I can use my free applications? Now every free application will come hooked up with this iAD bull? so I have to be connected to the net to use the free apps? Sadness. I don&#039;t like this very much either.</p><p><br />---- RANT END</p><p>Well now my choices are either to get the iphone 4 or the windows 7 series phone series. But the WP7SS has had basically no information in the press recently. If I get the iphone 4 I will certain be selling my soul and wasting my money to &quot;try-out&quot; for a year (hopefully without breaking the screen) and be forced to sell it when the battery dies or i run of space.</p><p>Don&#039;t even mention and android phone. I like a phone that I can update without waiting on my carrier. What the crack head? Eclipse development? No thank you. The Android phone suffers from the opposite problem of the iphone; the android software stack sucks.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1381/#comment">comment</a></p> Tue, 08 Jun 2010 11:29:19 -0500 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1379/ So Fly with my MicroTac (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1379/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1379/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/687.jpg" /></a><p>I was looking for cellphone forever then I got this as a gift from my grand mother when I went to Mandeville. It is in pristine condition and has a removable battery. I tried charging it at first but that didn&#039;t work. Only after bringing it back to kingston did I get it to charge and the monochrome display came on like a video game arcade box. It keeps saying &quot;NOSRVC&quot;. I guess I need someone to unlock it so I can use it on LIME. So fly it doesn&#039;t even have a sim card slot, probably using Bluetooth. So when you see me rolling, don&#039;t be hating.<br />Also;<br /><a class="ebv" id="MzWv_kAcbM4" href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=MzWv_kAcbM4" ><img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/MzWv_kAcbM4/hqdefault.jpg" /></a></p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1379/#comment">comment</a></p> Thu, 20 May 2010 14:12:14 -0500 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1355/ No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review/Rant (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1355/ <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1355/"><img src="http://owensoft.net/v4/photo/thumb/669.jpg" /></a><p>NMH2 is what I refer to as &quot;a gamer&#039;s game&quot;. It ridiculously hard in some places, unforgiving in others. Highly repetitive while at the same time being new and refreshing in its simplicity. You get better as you play it - which is surely lacking from the games being released nowadays People will look at the television and wonder what kind of madness you are playing. All they will see is blood, flashing lights and exploding bodies. I totally love it.</p><p>It is probably the best &quot;new IP&quot; in years. Call of Duty 2 is the same game in different locations with more cutscenes. Mario is Mario you&#039;ve played it a thousand times but its the same-o-same-o. NMH2 is not mario and it will never be. You chop heads off and you turn into a tiger and bite people while calling them losers and eating pizza for health. NHM2 is a NEW game in every sense of the word. The music is new, the characters are new, the graphics are new, the clothes are new, the story is new. Million dollars worth of games are released everyday and nobody buys them because most of them simple other ways to waste time.</p><h4>Its M Rated</h4><p>Its a M rated game. You cannot buy it for you 5 year old because they may grow up to be a serial killer or an assassin or maybe not but we never know with these kids nowadays. And there is no feature to turn off the blood. There will be no feature to turn Mario into a &quot;M rated&quot; game which is why I wonder why people keep asking for content filters on games. Vegetarians don&#039;t eat meat, asking meat producers to sell vegetables that look like meat is not very productive. The quality of the game is in its pure M-rate-d-ness, and edginess, not in its mass G-rated dumbed down appeal. Its almost like asking scientist to make space rockets easier for people to fly. You are an idiot, embrace your destiny. There are things that you cannot do. </p><h4>Video Games as a Sub-Art</h4><p>People compare NMH2 to Kill Bill, its a movie with lots of blood, turned in a video game. The Avatar movie is a Billion times better than all of the Avatar games because games nowadays have no soul - they convey no emotion.</p><p>Video games as a industry are always treated as a sub-art. You would never hear a person say that I wish that violent Friday the 13th movie had a E rated version. the very concept is ludacris. OR better yet a version of shakespeare in which the lovers don&#039;t drink posion at the end. </p><p>A game like NMH2 is like heavy metal music. It only makes sense in its context. Of course you could take out the voilent content and put Barbie as the lead guitarist. But I am sure there is are Barbie sword fighting games already on the selves - so why do we need to make 2?</p><p>Its the game that your parents said was going to rotten your brain. Its like eating too much sugar. You go into the in game clothes store and you buy a t-shirt that he wears throughout ALL THE CUT-SCENES. I wonder why more games don&#039;t let you buy clothes. Its just a texture swap. Its adds a certain substance to the cut-scenes.</p><h4>Conclusion</h4><p>My only complaint is that its not long enough. 10 hours of fun, 3 hours of annoying boss battles. Games like this should go on forever with auto-generated dungeons and death matches.</p><p>All gamers should buy it. However Moms and Pops should rent it because it can get really hard in some places and it can take along time to memorize boss patterns enough to kill them. Good reflexes and thumbs are required.</p> <p><strong>by owen</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1355/#comment">comment</a></p> Fri, 26 Mar 2010 15:02:25 -0500 http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1333/ Little pig, little pig, let me in (Technology) http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1333/ <p>Does anyone have a Google Notebook account? For most of you the answer is probably &#039;No&#039;.<br />I&#039;ve gotta say that of all the services Google offers, my most prized is Notebook for the simple fact that they&#039;re maintaining the service but are no longer taking new sign ups.</p><p>Everyone loves an exclusive club.</p> <p><strong>by Karl</strong> <a href="http://owensoft.net/v4/item/1333/#comment">comment</a></p> Wed, 17 Feb 2010 00:59:36 -0600