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Changes in the internet landscape are frequent and swift. Something is always happening. It is often hard to keep track of it all. SOmething seem weird that now will be common place in the future and everyone with act like they didn't see it here first.

Introspection (Writing) Reviewing the statistics between KnowProSE.com and RealityFragments.com has been a bit revealing – empirically. Between the two sites, I’ve done about 300 posts in the last year. KnowProSE.com has 27 followers and 50 likes (WordPress) with roughly 5,000 views, averaging 2.5 visitors a day with 100 posts over a year. RealityFragments.com, on the other hand, … Continue reading Introspection (Writing)
The Study Of What Others Do. I hate having my picture taken. Over the years, I have found the best defense from cameras is to hold one. This has weakened in a day and age where every phone has a camera, and everyone wants to be seen with someone – but Mark Lyndersay needed a picture of me for TechNewsTT, where … Continue reading The Study Of What Others Do.