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Google announces Android Wear
The wearables market was set on fire today with Google unveiling Android Wear. The new operating system is tailored for smartwatches and other wearable devices. At first glance Android Wear looks... Read more »
Lynxx is the new Kitten in town
Longtime readers should remember when I got my first kitten I named ‘Polar’ last summer and how her tragic accidental death left a gulf in my life that I am honestly not completely over. After months and months without a feline pal I was successfully...
SimCity Is Inherently Broken, Lets Not Let This Go
But no! cry EA and their more loyal defenders. The online is there for the players! It’s not DRM, it’s about enhancing the game, it’s designed that way, it’s it’s it’s… It’s all bollocks. Yes, SimCity offers some multiplayer options that sound a lot of fun. Being able to build cities near your chums, create trade routes with them, share resources, be affected both positively and negatively by your neighbours. Ranked leaderboards, cloud-saved cities, perhaps even world-wide events at a later stage? And of course everything is always up-to-date, latest patch, etc. This is all brilliant stuff. If I want it.
Smoke, drink, play music, play Chess™, speak French (to others!), walk along an Earth sea shore and discover its strangely absurd and picturesque secrets. All from the comfort of your orbital station’s polypurpose deck.